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Butter Conversion Chart

Rolled Butter

Butter, sweet butter, how I love thee; let me count the ways … by the pound, by the ounce, by the stick, by the tablespoon, by the pat?!

Enter: problem.

I buy my butter from a local dairy where they only sell it in large 2lb blocks.  It is creamy & sweet & unforgettable … but it can make applying the correct amounts to recipes a little tricky.

Enter: solution.

Butter Conversion Chart

I have a butter conversion chart that hangs on my fridge (and a copy tucked into my recipe collection binder).  Without it, I would probably succumb to throwing fistfuls of butter into each recipe & then licking my fingers & contaminating every dish! Okay, okay, the chart is only half the solution.

Enter: the other half of the solution.

My most-used method of portioning out my butter is to use my digital kitchen scale.  Oh how I love this little bit of cooking technology.  I don’t use a ton of fancy gadgets in the kitchen, though I do have a few that I would be lost without — and my kitchen scale is definitely one of them!!  I measure everything – produce, flour, chocolate chips, and (of course) butter!!  If you don’t have a kitchen scale, add it to your wishlist now.  You will thank me later!!

Now, where were we?  Oh yes, butter.  One of my most faithful friends.  Butter rarely disappoints.  Since I know that butter & I are not exclusive, I thought I would share my handy conversion chart with you.

To all my fellow butter lovers, here’s a simple printable version for you — Butter Conversion Chart.

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