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Flaxseeds: Health Benefits & How to Use


Flax is one of the hottest seed trends on the market today. Flaxseeds can now be found in almost every grocery store & are a highlight in health foods everywhere.  Although small, they pack a big punch in healthy properties, which is why their use & popularity is on the rise.

Flaxseeds contain high levels of:

  • Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids – “good” fats
  • Lignans – antioxidant qualities
  • Fiber – good “roughage”

Oh yes, these health benefits can really add up.  Flaxseeds may help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, & diabetes.  They’re also known to aid in digestion & help ease constipation.

To maximize their health benefits, consume Flaxseeds ground rather than whole.  Due to the perishable nature of Omega-3 fatty acids, you should grind them just before eating.  Tip: a coffee grinder works great!  Store whole seeds in an airtight container in the refrigerator, to extend the shelf life of their healthy properties.

Incorporating flaxseeds into your diet is probably easier than you think – and tastier!  Blitz them in your coffee grinder & then enjoy via one of the suggestions below:

  • Add 1 tbsp to oatmeal or cold cereal
  • Toss a handful in your waffle or pancake batter
  • Replace 1/4 cup of flour with ground flaxseeds in your muffin mix, bread recipe, or cookie dough
  • Mix 1 tsp with mayo or mustard & spread on your sandwich
  • Sprinkle 1 tsp on top of toast with peanut butter
  • Incorporate 1 tsp in your yogurt

Of course, if you’re worried that consuming flaxseeds may interfere with other medicines or health factors, check with your doctor to be safe.  Also, be sure to drink plenty of fluids when consuming larger amounts of flaxseeds.  Because of their high fiber content (both soluble & insoluble), they need water to properly benefit your body.

* I am not a medical professional and the information above should not be viewed as medical or health care advice.  Consult your doctor for more information or with personal concerns.

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