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How to Clean Mushrooms

Portobello Mushrooms

Button, Portobello, Crimini, Shiitake, Chanterelle … mushrooms offer such cooking versatility & health benefits!  Our family loves mushrooms and we often incorporate them into our meals.  Tossing a handful or two of chopped mushrooms into your dish can easily take it to a new culinary level.

Making sure that you properly clean your mushrooms, however, requires a little more precision.  People often make the mistake of soaking their mushrooms or rinsing them under running water.  Due to the porous nature of mushrooms, exposing them to too much water can change their texture and flavor.

Cleaning a mushroom

Therefore, the best way to properly clean your mushrooms is with a clean, damp paper towel or napkin.  After removing any large clumps of dirt or extra “flesh” with your fingers, gently rub the cap & stem of each mushroom with a damp paper towel, being careful not to bruise your mushroom or peel off any of the outer flesh.  When you’re done, trim the mushroom stems as needed.

You’re now ready to eat, slice, chop, or cook your mushrooms as desired!

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