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Bobbi Toads Shoes

Everyone is back to school, there’s a crispness in the breeze, and pumpkin spice is speckling everything.  Yes, FALL IS HERE!!!  (my favorite season)

I wanted to take a moment to step out of the kitchen and into my kids’ closets to tell you about a fantastic new company that is shaking up the back-to-school routine: Bobbi-Toads.  They have innovatively taken the sneaker to the next level by providing kids with the opportunity to PAINT their sneakers and/or add stickers to express their own personality.

You may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to kid’s sneakers, but I promise, you’ve not seen this before!  Take a look at the creative new approach that Bobbi-Toads is offering today’s up-and-coming fashionistas:

Bobbi-Toads recently sent each of my girls a new pair of shoes to test drive.  My eldest, Bea, was so excited to have a new pair of their paintable sneakers, which she can paint, remove, and paint again depending on her daily mood!! My younger, Gia, loves her new light-up sneakers, which unlike other options on the market today, have the light-ups front-and-center: on the toes!!!  And each toe lights up in a different color!  My one-of-a-kind, unicorn-obsessed, rainbow-chasing bubble of joy rocks these like she found them in a pot of gold!

I love both pairs because they’re well-made, colorfully fun, and always a conversation-starter.  The polishes and stickers work on the shoes and on fingernails, meaning my kids can still share and swap, even though only one pair of shoes are paintable!

Bobbi Toads Paintables

For a limited time only, you can get 20% off + Free Shipping with promo code: FOODIE20.  They have several styles of each of the paintable and light-up shoes, and even nail polishes and stickers to accompany them!  Can’t get enough?? Enter below to win your choice of Bobbi-Toads shoes plus nail polish and stickers!

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*This is a sponsored post and may contain affiliate links. Bobbi-Toads provided my family with two pairs of shoes and several accessories in order to conduct this review. All opinions are 100% my truthful assessment.

This post may contain link(s) to affiliate(s). See my disclosure policy for more information.

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